Cheese and charcuterie (meat) platters are custom made and include an assortment of olives, grapes, peppadews, dried figs, Marcona almonds and jam, based on availability.


Platters shown range in cost from approximately $50 - $100. Actual cost is dependent on the size (number of people), and your selection of cheese and meat (see below).

Cheese Platters

$50 - Small, 4 cheeses, 4-6 People
$75 - Medium, 5 Cheeses, 8-10 People
$100+ - Large, 6+ Cheeses, 10+ People

Cheese Boxes

$15.00 - 3 Cheeses, 1-2 People
$20.00 - 4 Cheeses, 2-4 People

Cheese Selection Ideas

Aged: Beemster, Cheddar, Ewephoria, Parmesan, Reypenaer

Soft: Fresh Chevre, Brie, Brillat-Savarin, Humbolt Fog

Semi-Firm: Drunken Goat, Midnight Moon, Pawlet, Peconic Bel

Firm: Manchego, Fiore Sardo, Red Leicestershire, Rosey Goat

Blue: Bayley Hazen, Blu Di Bufala, Saint Agur, Stilton

Click on the image to view our cheese platter brochure, or click on this link to download our Cheese Platter Brochure